About us

Our agency specializes in healthcare recruitment. We recruit nurses, dentists, doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals. Our target markets are: the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Ireland.

We take special care in ensuring high standards of our services, maintaining a close contact and providing thorough assistance to our candidates and our clients.

We assist our candidates throughout the entire registration process with the relevant professional authorities abroad. We assess candidates’ language skills and provide them with an extensive information not only about job placement, tasks and responsibilities involved, but also about the target country, formalities to accomplish before and after their arrival to a target country as well as travel information.

Working abroad is a great adventure not only with regard to professional development but it also is an awarding personal experience. It is an invaluable opportunity to get to know another working system, new techniques and professional equipment but also to discover a new culture and master language skills. Our employers praise the experience gained with foreign candidates who bring with them their skills, expertise and professional attitude.

Yet, working abroad is a challenging experience that demands skills of adaptation and resistance to stress. That is why we are here – to help you make it a positive and successful experience!