We work with all types of health institutions: care homes groups, clinics and hospitals that recruit internationally trained staff.

All our candidates have EU recognized diplomas and possess a good command of the target language. We assess language skills of all our candidates prior to the interview with an employer.

We carefully select our candidates with respect to their motivation. Our objective is to find candidates who shall commit themselves to a long term employment. Stability is our quality, retention is its natural result.

We are flexible about your interview needs. If you want to conduct the interview session in your own country or in the source country, via Skype or telephone, please let us know and we will schedule it accordingly to your needs.

We believe that quick and effective communication is the key to the successful recruitment, thus you can always reach us on email, Skype or telephone. We also travel to the countries where we recruit in order to meet our clients personally and better understand their business and standards.

If you look for RGN, RLDN, RMN, Care Assistant or a Dentist, please contact us and we will search for appropriate candidates within our database of health professionals.


  • We assess language skills and motivation of candidates before the interview with employer
  • Once the appropriate candidates are selected, we send you the CVs and schedule your interview session
  • After the interview, we contact you on a regular basis with systematic updates on the registration and reference processes so that we can estimate with precision the commencement date of candidate’s employment. The average waiting time for an international nurse to start employment after the interview is 2 months. Yet, we can shorten this time, if your needs are urgent.